We started as furniture makers, photographers, managers, bankers, lyft drivers, entrepreneurs.

12 weeks, over 900 hours and thousands of lines of code later, we are developers.

We are WDI.

    Ruby on Rails

    We build custom apps by integrating models with databases, routing techniques, controller logic, and views to create dynamic, content-rich web apps.


    We wrangle JavaScript and Coffeescript into Single Page Apps using frameworks such as Meteor, Angular, and Node.js.


    We use CSS3 and HTML5 to create attractive, dynamic, responsive designs.

    Computer Science

    Data structures, algorithms, optimization, TDD, pair programming, and version control - we've explored computer science and industry best practices for efficient and quality web development.


March 2014 Cohort, San Francisco

    Sample Projects

    501 Folsom Street

    San Francisco, CA 94105


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